Scientific Research Cultivated for Your Organization


Translating Science and Information for a Changing Climate

Curated. Centralized. Credible.

Cities, companies, and all sorts of organizations are operating under conditions that are different from yesterday.

Emerging climate risks, opportunities, policies, and public expectations are changing the way society does business. In order to make that change, we need trusted, actionable information. And yet, science isn’t always clear or actionable, and it usually isn’t easy to find. And when there’s so much misinformation out there, it often isn’t even obvious what’s ‘good’ or trustworthy.


That’s where Studio30k comes in.

We’re scientists, planners, communicators, and strategists. We work with researchers and ‘practitioners’ (people who have to make decisions and take action).

What do we do?

Well, firstly, we work hand in hand with researchers and experts to elevate the good and useful science. We then blend this science with information about practices, policies, and public expectations.  And we work with engineers, investors, planners, business owners and others to tailor, share, and incorporate this information into their strategy and operations.


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