Do we think science is cool?
Of course we do - we’re scientists.

Do we think science is hard to understand and...a bit weird?
Of course we do, we’re planners and practitioners.

We believe that the world’s most pressing problems can’t be solved without science. But we also know that the research is hard to find and even harder to use. And the fact is that, in these challenging times, science is being used as a political football. That makes us a bit angry.

We have no agenda, we’re not partisan, and we don’t care which football team you root for (ok, we care a little bit about the last one). Our philosophy and passion is getting the most credible and appropriate information to your door so that you can use it to make your business and situation better, and make your clients happier too. That’s it.

We love working with the researchers and the scientific assessment specialists (including those on our staff!), to get some pretty complex research organized, translated, and available for use. This not only helps the scientists, but it gives us all an edge in having access to the latest and best knowledge.

And we really love working with the people who need to make decisions and take action - the practitioners and investors and business owners. This is really where the foundation of smart, resilient societies is built, and we think that a smart, resilient society sounds like a good thing. We think our kids and grandkids would think that too.


Need your research to have more impact?

Want access to actionable information?

Email us. We’d really love to have a chat about your favorite football team. :-)



Meet The Team

Studio30k works with partners all over the world and in our very own backyard of Asheville, NC. Our approach is to pull together the best team for the project from our extensive network of experts and skilled professionals. From scientists to editors or designers, we bring in the right people to meet specific needs. We’ll be highlighting some of our project partners here as well, but below is our small permanent staff. 

waple-crop copy.png

Anne Waple PhD
President & Founder

Anne has over 20 years of experience in climate science, climate resilience and adaptation, and scientific assessment. She worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for 12 years and was the Technical Support Unit Director for the U.S. National Climate Assessment for the last four of those years. Anne was then the VP (and acting President) at Second Nature - a national nonprofit focused on sustainability. While there, Anne introduced a climate resilience planning approach for the members. In 2016, Anne founded Studio30k to fill a gap in translating science and tailoring climate information to specific needs. And she's having a pretty good time doing that! Anne lives near Asheville with her family, 2 unruly cats, and a very good dog. 


Dan Brown, MS
Science and Communication

Daniel has worked on climate change issues across North America that span science, policy, conservation, adaptation, and sustainability. He enjoys distilling actionable findings from technical information for practitioners and is passionate about communicating with diverse audiences about locally-relevant climate change issues. Daniel was previously Mass Audubon’s climate change program coordinator, and before that, he was a climatologist with the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA) center at the University of Michigan.


Addison Van Auken, M.A.
Administrative Assistant

Addy earned a B.A. in English from Endicott College and her M.A. in Creative Writing from Durham University. She grew up in Massachusetts but has lived all over the world, including England, Australia, and Italy. No matter where she resides, Addy’s always in search of coffee.

KG headshot.png

Kerrie Geil, PhD
Project Scientist, Editor (IAC project)

Kerrie is an applied climate scientist who specializes in creating and translating climate information for use in community and business resilience planning. She has previously worked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development where she helped inform community resilience efforts by analyzing national weather records to produce usable spatial data on extreme weather. She has also worked with Tucson Electric Power on a climate change vulnerability assessment to inform the electric utility’s portfolio management and operations strategies. Kerrie was formerly an environmental scientist in engineering consulting, quantifying development impacts to regulated natural resources, designing mitigation plans, and communicating with a diverse set of clients. She has a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Arizona where her research focused on multi-scale assessments of climate model quality with respect to various climate features, model errors, and applications. Kerrie is happiest on a trail in the woods with her canine sidekick or sun napping on the water in a kayak.